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What Types of Clients Do you Serve?

Our practice serves individuals, families and business owners who are just starting to focus on their financial planning, and those who have achieved a high net-worth status.  We are firm believers that every person should have equal access to sound advice regardless of how much money they currently have.  But as advisors with 25+ years under our belt we have the expertise to handle the most complex situations.

Will I Be Working With Only One Advisor or The Team?

We believe our clients are best served with a team approach: however, we also believe it is important for our clients to have a primary advisor to work with.

When you call the office, you will not get the typical corporate 1-800 voicemail maze.  You are now part of the ESI family and everyone in the office knows who you are and your individual story.

Are You A Fiduciary?

In all advisory relationships we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard. A fiduciary is a person who has to place their client’s interest ahead of his or her own. They also must disclose what their fees are, how they are compensated and any other conflicts or potential conflicts of interest that might influence our advice. Shouldn’t that be the standard anyway?

What is Your Investment Approach?

Our practice typically takes a fee-based approach to asset management.  We charge an “asset based advisory fee” on the accounts we manage on your behalf.  We believe this type of relationship eliminates conflicts of interest and puts us on the same side of the table as our clients---we make more money when you make more money.   

As a fiduciary, and comprehensive financial planners, we always take a deep dive into your entire financial picture. Regardless of whether we manage all of your liquid investments, we will always consider all outside accounts when developing an investment strategy. 

Will You Work With My Other Advisors Like My CPA or Estate Attorney?

Absolutely.  Let us be your quarterback and coordinate advice between all of your advisors.  In today’s world, it is important to address your financial picture holistically and have all your team members working together.  The actions you take with your investments and insurance planning can have a big impact on your taxes and estate plans and vice versa.  If you are looking for tax or legal advice, we can connect you with one of our CPA or legal partners.

How Much Contact Do You Have With Your Clients?

Like any healthy relationship communication is the key.  We will have reviews at least annually but the reality is that we interact with our clients many times throughout the year as we manage their financial affairs.  The fees you pay for our service allow you full access to our team at any time.  So if you are feeling anxious about your financial life, reach out.  Would your doctor know if you were sick if you didn’t call them?